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Final Analysis Of A Multi-center, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Randomized Phase II Trial Of Gemcitabine/cisplatin (GC) Plus Bevacizumab (B) Or Placebo (P) In Patients (pts) With Malignant Mesothelioma (MM)

T. Karrison, H. L. Kindler, D. R. Gandara, C. Lu, T. L. Guterz, K. Nichols, H. Chen, W. M. Stadler, E. E. Vokes

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7526 Background: In phase II trials in MM, GC on a 21-day (D) schedule has response rates of 16%–26% and median overall survival (OS) of 9.6–13 months (mo). Since VEGF has a key role in MM biology, we added anti-VEGF antibody B to GC in a multi-center, double- blind, placebo-controlled randomized phase II trial. Methods: Eligible pts had unresectable MM; no prior chemotherapy; PS 0–1; no thrombosis, bleeding, or major vessel invasion. Primary endpoint: progression-free survival (PFS). Statistics: 90% power to detect HR 0.57. Stratification: PS (0/1), histology (epithelial/other). G 1,250 mg/m2 D 1, 8 Q21D, C 75 mg/m2 D1 Q21D, and B 15 mg/kg or P D1 Q21D was given × 6 cycles, then B or P Q21D until progression. Baseline plasma VEGF was measured. 115 pts enrolled 12/01- 07/05 at 11 sites, 108 (GCB/GCP) 53/55 were evaluable. Male 74%/84%; median age 62/65 (range 44–78/20–84); PS 1 55%/47%; epithelial 74%/67%; pleural 93%/91%; thrombocytosis 40%/40%. Results: Cycles: total 458/424, median 7/6, range 1–42/2–39. Statistically significantly different (SSD) toxicity (p <0.05), any grade: alopecia 60%/38%; epistaxis 62%/24%; hypertension 45%/22%; non-neutropenic infection 15%/4%; proteinuria 62%/47%; stomatitis 23%/7%. There were no SSD toxicities = grade 3. Median PFS 6.9/6.0 mo (HR 0.93, p=0.88). Median OS 15.6/14.7 mo (p=0.91). 1-year survival 59%/57%. Partial response 25%/22%; stable disease 51%/60%. Median VEGF (N=56) 131/154 pg/ml (range 31–1760/5–1786). Higher VEGF was associated with shorter PFS (p=0.02) and OS (p=0.0066). In pts with VEGF = the median, PFS (p=0.043) and OS (p=0.028) were significantly greater for GCB than GCP; in high VEGF strata this was not SSD. Conclusion: Adding B to GC in MM pts does not yield statistically significant differences in PFS, OS, response, or grade ¾ toxicity. GCB-treated pts with low VEGF levels had longer PFS and OS. Supported by NCI grant N01-CM-17102. No significant financial relationships to disclose.