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Principles Of Colloid And Surface Chemistry

P. C. Hiemenz, R. Rajagopalan
Published 1977 · Chemistry

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Colloid and surface chemistry - scope and variables sedimentation and diffusion and their equilibrium solution thermodynamics - osmotic and Donnan equilibria the rheology of dispersions static and dynamic light scattering and other radiation scattering surface tension and contact angle - application to pure substances adsorption from solution and monolayer formation colloidal structures in surfactant solutions - association colloids adsorption at gas-solid interfaces van der Waals forces the electrical double layer and double-layer interactions electrophoresis and other electrokinetic phenomena electrostatic and polymer-induced colloid stability appendix A - examples of expansions encountered in this book appendix B - units - CGS-SI interconversions appendix C - statistics of discrete and continuous distributions of data appendix D - list of worked-out examples.

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