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Element Status In Rats At Intramuscular Injection Of Iron Nanoparticles

E. Sizova, E. Yausheva, S. Miroshnikov, S. Lebedev, G. Duskaev
Published 2015 · Chemistry

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Orenburg State University, Russia, 460018, Orenburg, 13 Pobedy Pr. and All-Russian Research Institute of Beef Cattle Breeding, Russia, 460000, Orenburg, 29, 9 Yanvarya St. 2All-Russian Research Institute of Beef Cattle Breeding, Russia, 460000, Orenburg, 29, 9 Yanvarya St. Orenburg State University, Russia, 460018, Orenburg, 13 Pobedy Pr. 3All-Russian Research Institute of Beef Cattle Breeding, Russia, 460000, Orenburg, 29, 9 Yanvarya St.
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