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The Effect Of Macroalgal Extracts And Near Infrared Radiation On Germination Of Soybean Seedlings: Preliminary Research Results

Izabela Michalak, Sylwia Lewandowska, Jerzy Detyna, Sylwia Olsztyńska-Janus, Henryk Bujak, Paulina Pacholska

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AbstractIn the present study, synergistic effects between the application of near-infrared radiation (NIR) and macroalgal extracts on the germination of soybean seeds were searched for. NIR is captured by special photoreceptors (i.e. phytochromes, cryptochromes and phototropins) and next plants generate a wide range of specific physiological responses through these receptors. For the study, a special system of NIR was applied to irradiate soybean seeds. To our knowledge, this is the first time this kind of radiation was used for the biostimulation of soybean seeds. Previously, the effect of other ranges of light (e.g. green, red, blue) was analysed in terms of photosynthetic activity, growth and yield of different plants, except seeds. NIR for 3 and 5 minutes was also combined with the application of macroalgal extracts used for seeds soaking. They are known as a rich source of biologically active compounds that can stimulate plant growth. These preliminary studies show that the examined factors can stimulate plant’s growth and their quality.