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Health Impact Of Exposure To Asbestos In Polluted Area Of Southern Italy

L. Vimercati, D. Cavone, F. Mansi, E.S.S. Cannone, L. De Maria, A. Caputi, M. Delfino, G. Serio
Published 2019 · Medicine, Geography

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Summary The three main sources of asbestos pollution in the city of Bari, Puglia, the former Fibronit asbestos factory, the Torre Quetta beach, the former Rossani barracks and the history of their reclamation are described. The results of cohort studies on factory workers and case-control studies on asbestos exposure to the resident population and the onset of mesothelioma are also reported. Finally, the data of the regional register of mesothelioma related to residents in the city of Bari and four new cases with environmental exposure due to the former Rossani barracks are presented.
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