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Isolation, Characterisation And In Vitro Screening Of Anticataract Potential Of Fucoidan From Sargassum Wightii Greville

Sathiya Ramu, Shah Akshay Mahendra, Keerthana Kunchakuri, Pooja P. Karadi, K. Swetha, Gowri Radhakrishnan
Published 2018 · Biology

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Introduction: The present study was designed to isolate Fucoidan from Sargassum wightii Greville and to evaluate its in-vitro anti cataract potential against galactose induced cataract in isolated goat lenses.Methods: Fucoidan was isolated from S. wightii Greville and its sulfate content was estimated through barium chloride method. Isolated goat lenses were divided into 5 groups as group-I (normal control- vehicle treated), group-II (disease control- galactose treated 55 mM), group-III (galactose 55 mM + standard-ascorbic acid 20 μg/mL), group-IV (galactose 55 mM + Fucoidan-20 μg/mL) and group-V (galactose 55 mM + Fucoidan 40 μg/mL) and incubated for 72 hours, respectively, and subjected to biochemical estimations. The opacity of lenses was also noted prior to biochemical estimation.Results: The percentage yield of isolated Fucoidan was found to be 0.65%. The extent of sulfation in the isolated Fucoidan was found to be as high as 33%. In high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) studies, Peak 3 with Rf value of 0.18 matched with the standard D-glucose Rf value. Galactose induced cataractous lenses showed significant oxidative stress when compared to normal lenses whereas treatment with Fucoidan 20 and 40 μg/mL significantly combated oxidative stress and prevented the development of cataract when compared to cataractous lenses. The results obtained with the treatment of Fucoidan were dose dependant and comparable to standard.Conclusion: The present study substantiates the claim of anti-cataract potential of Fucoidan, which may be correlated to its anti-oxidant property.
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