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Lead Sulfide Quantum Dot Synthesis, Deposition, And Temperature Dependence Studies Of The Stokes Shift

Joanna Wang, B. Ullrich, G. Brown
Published 2012 · Materials Science

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We investigated the temperature dependence of the Stokes shift of PbS quantum dots (diameter 4.7 nm) deposited from solution on glass using a specially designed apparatus. By measuring the thermal alteration of the optical absorbance and photoluminescence in the range of 5 K – 300 K, we demonstrate that the Stokes shift shrinks from 135 meV at 5 K to 62 meV at 300 K. Extrapolation of the data presented predict an elimination temperature of the Stokes shift of about 460 K, corresponding to the thermal energy of the sum of prominent PbS phonon energies.
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