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Assessment Of Irrigation Schemes With Performance Indicators In Southeastern Irrigation District Of Turkey

Bilimleri Dergisi, Sinan Kartal, H. Değirmenci, Fırat Arslan

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Water resources are among the most important natural riches of the countries, so this resource must be used correctly and sustainable, especially in the agriculture sector. The Southeastern District of Turkey, has abundant water resources but is known as a region where the problems arising from the excessive use of water. In this study, 5 irrigation schemes (Akçakale, Şanlıurfa, Yaylak Plain, Upper Harran, Bozova) in the Southeastern District of Turkey were chosen as a material to investigate the performance. It is aimed to assess the irrigation schemes in the district with performance indicators used widely by researchers. As an assessment method, ANOVA was used to determine differences of performance indicators among irrigation schemes, multiple regression and correlation were used to explain statistical relation among performance indicators. As a result, irrigation water supplied to users per unit irrigated area (Wirrigated) can be explained with irrigation ratio (Iratio), irrigation water supplied to users per unit command area (Wcommand), relative water supply (Rws) and output per unit irrigation water supplied to users (Owater) (R= 0.98). In the region, the average Rws was found 2.38 although irrigation methods used by farmers were generally sprinkler. The study also concluded that serious operation, maintenance and management problems exist in the irrigation schemes of the district.
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