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Impacts Of Plastic Filming On Growth Environment, Yield Parameters And Quality Attributes Of Lettuce

Mohammad SHAH JAHAN, Dulal Md. SARKAR, Rajesh CHAKRABORTY, Abul Hasnat MUHAMMAD SOLAIMAN, Asma AKTER, Sheng SHU, Shirong GUO

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The condition of soil and microclimate are prerequisite for proper growth and development of a plant. The environment may be mediated by artificial filming with different colored polyethylene. The mechanism of lettuce growing under colored plastic film remains largely unknown. Thus, to investigate the impact of different plastic film on the growth environment, yield parameters and phytochemical properties of lettuce, the present study was performed. Five different colored polyethylene films viz. black, white, blue, olive and silver were used as a treatment factor, in filed condition. The results demonstrated that the soil pH, temperature and overall performance of lettuce, as well as the phytochemical composition, varied within the use of different films. The maximum soil pH and temperature were found under black filming plots. Additionally, the black colored plastic film exhibited the best values for most of the yield parameters studied over other plastic films, whereas the field with non-plastic film condition showed the worst data in the experiment. Phytochemical concentrations and nutritive value of lettuce were also significantly affected by the colored plastic treatments. Furthermore, the chlorophyll, anthocyanin, phenols and carotenoids contents were increased in plants grown in soil covered with black polyethylene. Vitamin C content was of 2.5 fold higher in the plants grown in the black film compared to control conditions. The application of plastic film led to elevated concentrations of macro and micronutrients in lettuce because of the direct effect of modified radiation under the plastic film. Taken together, it can be concluded that plastic filming could be used to enhance the yield and nutritional status of lettuce in natural plant production facilities.