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Prevalence Of Open Angle Glaucoma In Accompanying First Degree Relatives Of Patients With Glaucoma

F. Vegini, Natanael Cavalcanti Figueiroa Filho, Raphael Furlan Lenci, Diogo Garcia Neto, R. S. Júnior
Published 2008 · Medicine

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of open angle glaucoma in first-degree relatives accompanying POAG patients during routine examination in a reference hospital. METHOD First-degree relatives of primary open angle glaucoma patients who accompanied their relatives to the glaucoma service of a reference hospital were screened for glaucoma. RESULTS One-hundred and one first-degree relatives were examined, of which 56.4% had never had their intraocular pressure measured. 10.9% had previously been diagnosed with glaucoma, and 5.9% were newly diagnosed during this study. CONCLUSIONS The eye examination of first-degree relatives identified a significant percentage of individuals with glaucoma. Despite being first-degree relatives of glaucoma patients, 56.4% of the companions had never had their eye pressure measured, demonstrating a lack of awareness about this disease.
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