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Distribution Gradients Of Arsenic, Copper, And Chromium Around Preservative-Treated Wooden Stakes1

R. Degroot, T. Popham, L. Gjovik, T. Forehand
Published 1979 · Chemistry

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The distribution gradients of arsenic and chromium in soil around and below nominal 50- by 101-mm (2- by 4-in) southern pine stakes that were treated with either chromated copper arsenate (CCA Type I or Type II) or in ammoniacal copper arsenate (ACA) and exposed for nearly 30 years in Poarch fine sandy loam soils in southern Mississippi indicate that the small amounts of As and Cr that move from the stakes into the soil are sorbed by the soil proximal to the stakes. The distribution gradient for copper about the stakes is similar to those for As and Cr, but is less precise. These findings support the hypothesis that CCA- and ACA-treated wood, at least in acidic soils such as the Poarch fine sandy loams, will not contribute significant amounts of As or Cr into surrounding soils and waters.

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