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Structural And Electrical Properties Of New Core-shell Silver Poly(m-toluidine-co-2-bromoaniline) Nanocomposites

A. Mahudeswaran, A. Jeeva, J. Chandrasekaran, P.S. Vijayanand

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AbstractIn this article, we report the synthesis and characterization of silver dispersed poly(m-toluidine-co-2-bromoaniline) copolymer synthesized by chemical oxidative polymerization method. The synthesized copolymer composites were subjected to different analytical characterization methods, such as FT-IR, UV, XRD, SEM, photoluminescence and electrical conductivity studies. All the polymer samples are found to be soluble in common organic solvents. UV absorption spectra show a red shift when silver nanoparticles are dispersed in the copolymer. The characteristic peaks observed in FT-IR spectra confirm the formation of the copolymer. XRD pattern reveals the crystalline nature of the copolymer composites and sharp peaks in the spectra confirm the presence of silver particles. The silver nanoparticles change the surface morphology in the form of perfect encapsulation. The electrical conductivity of the polymer composites is found to vary from 10−4 S/cm to 10−6 S/cm. PL study reveals the charge transfer between the copolymer and the silver particles.