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Polyphenolics-Phospholipid Complexes As Natural Cosmetic Ingredients: Properties And Application

Ljiljana Djekic, D. Krajišnik, Zorica Mićic
Published 2015 · Chemistry

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Abstract Phospholipids and polyphenolic phytoconstituents may form specific molecular complexes (polyphenolics-phospholipid complexes, phyto-phospholipid complexes) with definite chemical structure, solubility, thermal and spectroscopic characteristics. Furthermore, such specific molecular entities may self-associate into spherical unilamellar vesicles (phyto-vesicles, herbosomes) with size at nano- or microscale. Phyto-phospholipid complexation was recognised as a promising strategy to improve formulation performances and enhance efficiency of herbal polyphenolics with cosmetic relevance in comparison with pure phytoconstituents. This concise review summarizes the current knowledge on preparation methods, physico-chemical properties and aspects of application of the selected phyto-complexes as cosmetic active ingredients.
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