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Atraumatic Bloodless Removal Of Intramedullary Hemangioblastomas Of The Spinal Cord

Leonard I. Malis

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Object. The goal of this study was to summarize the author's personal experience in the surgical treatment of 19 patients with intramedullary spinal cord hemangioblastomas. Methods. All cases were from the author's private practice and were treated between 1967 and 1990. In all cases the intramedullary hemangioblastomas were totally removed by using a unique microsurgical technique of bipolar coagulation, which is fully described in this paper. A bipolar forceps was used to shrink each tumor and detach it from its feeding and draining vessels. Tumor resection was successfully accomplished in all patients. Blood loss was minimal, averaging less than 100 ml, and what little bleeding occurred did so during laminotomy or laminectomy. No bleeding occurred during tumor removal, and no transfusions were given. All patients were symptomatic preoperatively, and all recovered or improved following surgery. Conclusions. The technique described in this paper makes tumor removal safe, effective, and relatively easy.