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Performance Analysis Of FET-Based Nanoiosensors By Computational Method

Keka Talukdar, Anil Shantappa Malipatil

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Human body has a hierarchy of structures. There are many organs which are affected much earlier by a disease when it is detected. Most modern sensors can detect anomalies when its concentration in the body fluid reaches to millimolar range. But more sensitive biosensors should detect disease from much lower concentration like femtomolar range. So, extremely sensitive biosensors are needed for early detection of fatal diseases at their early stage. It should detect the target molecule from a very low concentration of analyte. Also, molecules which we often need to detect are too small in size. So Nanotechnology and biotechnology should shake hand to detect nanosized particles from an extremely low concentration solution. Hence we are in a real need of a biosensor. Here we are interested in charged biomolecules and will discuss the performance of Field- Effect Transistor based biosensosrs by computational method.