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Determination Of Chemical Composition, Nutritional Ingredients And Bioactive Compounds Of Three Cultivars Of Mango Seeds

Ji Hua Li, Xiao Bing Huang, Shao Dan Peng, Wei Jing, Li Jing Lin

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Three principal mango cultivars (Yuexi No.1, Tainong No.1 and Guifei) grown in Guangdong province in China were selected, and their chemical composition, nutritional ingredients including fatty acid and amino acid, and bioactive compounds such as phenolics and flavonoids were characterized and compared. The results showed the mango seeds had high moisture content (64.74-71.84%) and crude fibre content (50.86-60.62%), and the seeds of Yuexi No.1 had the lowest content of protein (1.21%), total lipid (1.47%), total sugar (2.79%), and highest content of Ca (537.02 mg/100 g), Na (22.60 mg/100 g), Zn (6.13 mg/100 g), Fe (17.02 mg/100 g) compared with the other two cultivars. The total amino acid (AA) in Guifei seeds (4.33%) was the highest, but the proportion of essential AA was the lowest. Seven fatty acid compounds were found in the three varieties. Moreover, Tainong No.1 had highest content of total phenolics (10.82%) followed with Guifei (1.86%) and Yuexi No.1 (1.06%), while the flavonoid content of Tainong No.1 was 2.71%, higher than Yuexi No.1 (0.37%) and Guifei (0.70%).