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Improving Workplace Learning

Karen S. Evans, P. Hodkinson, Helen Rainbird, L. Unwin, A. Fuller, H. Hodkinson, N. Kersh, A. Munro, P. Senker
Published 2006 · Engineering

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This book is based on research that was carried out as part of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme's (TLRP's) Improving Incentives to Learning in the Workplace Research Network. This Network was made up of five projects, each with its own specific research focus, that explored concepts relevant to workplace learning, such as situated learning, communities of practice, apprenticeship as a model of learning, informal learning and tacit skills. The book is aimed at examining learning within the socioeconomic context of the workplace, focusing on its inherent tensions and unequal power relations. It is presented in three parts. 'Part I - the issues' contains: Workplace learning: perspectives and challenges / Karen Evans and Helen Rainbird (pp.3-23). 'Part II - the findings' contains: Expansive and restrictive learning environments / Alison Fuller and Lorna Unwin (pp.27-48); Applying the expansive-restrictive framework / Alison Fuller and Lorna Unwin (pp.49-67); Learner biographies, workplace practices, and learning / Karen Evans and Natasha Kersh (pp.68-94); How individuals influence workplace practices, and how work can change worker dispositions and identities / Phil Hodkinson and Heather Hodkinson (pp.95-115); Workplace learning: the direct and indirect impact of policy interventions / Helen Rainbird (pp.116-133); The direct and indirect impact of policy interventions: case studies from the research / Anne Munro and Peter Senker (pp.134-159). 'Part III - conclusions' contains: Improving workplace learning: an integrated approach / Phil Hodkinson and Helen Rainbird (pp.163-175).

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