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Integrative Perspectives To Service, Innovation And Experience Research

A. Scupola, L. Fuglsang
Published 2018 · Business

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The aim of the book is to develop and discuss integrative approaches to the fields of innovation, service and experience research. Professor Jon Sundbo (Sundbo, 1997, 2000; Sundbo and Sørensen, 2013) has been a pioneer in the fields of service innovation research and experience economy both in Denmark and at European level and has prepared the ground together with other researchers (e.g., Toivonen, Gallouj and Fuglsang) for the development of these fields. However, these research fields have been mostly developed in an autonomous way and no research trying to connect them has been undertaken so far. The aim of this book is to establish a link between these apparently different, but somehow related, research fields. The book is a tribute to Professor Jon Sundbo and therefore the book authors all have in common the fact that they have contributed over the years to form and shape the fields of service, innovation and experience economy at European level in addition to collaborating in one way or another with Professor Sundbo.
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