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OxygenSilver Junction Formation For Single Molecule Conductance

H. Y. Jo, P. Yoo, T. Kim
Published 2015 · Chemistry

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We use a scanning tunneling microscope based break-junction technique to measure the conductance of a 4,4'- dimethoxybiphenyl molecular junction formed with Ag and Au electrodes. We observe the formation of a clear molecular junction with Ag electrodes that result from stable Agoxygen bonding structures. However we have no molecular bonding formation when using Au electrodes, resulting in a tunneling current between the top and bottom metal electrodes. We also see a clear peak in the conductance histogram of the Agoxygen molecular junctions, but no significant molecular features are seen with Au elec- trodes. Our work should open a new path to the conductance measurements of single-molecule junctions with oxygen linkers.
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