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Epidemiology Of Mesothelioma In Egypt. A Ten-year (1998-2007) Multicentre Study

Yosri M. Akl, S. Kaddah, Ahmed A. M. Abdelhafeez, R. Salah, M. Lotayef
Published 2010 · Medicine

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Introduction Mesothelioma is a cancer strongly linked to exposure to carcinogenic minerals, especially asbestos. The aim of the study was to detect the incidence of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) in Egypt, to clarify the impact of occupational and environmental risk factors, and to characterise its demographic features. Material and methods They were 584 cases diagnosed as MPM detected in Cairo University Hospitals and National Cancer Institute from 1998 to 2007. Unfortunately, full epidemiological data were only available for 165 cases due to absence of a reliable registration system. Results A steady increase in the number of cases was detected, from 24 in 1998, peaking at 82 cases in 2005, followed by a gradual decline (though still high) with 68 cases in 2006 and 51 cases in 2007. Male/female ratio was 1.35/1 (p > 0.05). The occupational exposure to asbestos was 13.9%. Residential exposure plays a major role in two regions, Helwan and Shoubra (27.3% and 20.6% respectively), while in Upper and Lower Egypt the level was 12.7% and 17.5% respectively. Kaplan-Meier survival for sex, residence and the pathological types epithelioid, biphasic and sarcomatoid was insignificant. The median survival for different grades and treatment modalities was significant (P < 0.001). Conclusions There was a steady increase in the incidence of MPM from 1998 to 2005 followed by a decline during 2006-2007. Mesothelioma in Egypt is mainly concentrated in areas of high environmental pollution. The decline within the last 2 years may be attributed to recent strict industrial preventive measures. However, a better environmental control programme would benefit Egypt.
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