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Purification Of Laboratory Chemicals

D. D. Perrin, W. L. Armarego
Published 1966 · Chemistry

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A best seller since 1966, "Purification of Laboratory Chemicals" keeps engineers, scientists, chemists, biochemists and students up to date with the purification of the chemical reagents with which they work, the processes for their purification, and guides readers on critical safety and hazards for the safe handling of chemicals and processes. The Sixth Edition is updated and provides expanded coverage of the latest chemical products and processing techniques, safety and hazards. The book has been reorganised and is now fully indexed by CAS Registry Numbers. Compounds are now grouped to make navigation easier and literature references for all substances and techniques have been added, and ambiguous alternate names and cross references have been removed. The only comprehensive chemical purification reference, a market leader since 1966, Amarego delivers essential information for research and industrial chemists, pharmacists and engineers: '...(it) will be the most commonly used reference book in any chemical or biochemical laboratory' - "MDPI Journal". This is an essential lab practice and procedures manual. The book improves efficiency, results and safety by providing critical information for day-to-day lab and processing work. The improved, clear organization and new indexing delivers accurate, reliable information on processes and techniques of purification along with detailed physical properties. The Sixth Edition has been reorganised and is fully indexed by CAS Registry Numbers. Compounds are now grouped to make navigation easier. Literature references for all substances and techniques have been added. Ambiguous alternate names and cross references are removed. New chemical products and processing techniques are covered. Hazards and safety remain central to the book.

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