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Videogames And Art

A. Clarke, Grethe Mitchell
Published 2007 · Art

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Part One: Overviews, Chapter 1: 'From Appropriation to Approximation' - Page 25 - Axel Stockburger Chapter 2: 'Meltdown' - Page 38 - Rebecca Cannon Chapter 3: 'Videogames as Literary Devices' - Page 54 - Jim Andrews Chapter 4: 'High-Performance Play: The Making of Machinima' - Page 59 - Henry Lowood Chapter 5: '"Cracking the Maze" Curator's Note' - Page 80 - Anne-Marie Schleiner Part Two: Artists on Art, Chapter 6: 'An Interview with Brody Condon' - Page 85 - Andy Clarke Chapter 7: 'In Conversation Fall 2003: An Interview with Joseph DeLappe' - Page 94 - Jon Winet Chapter 8: 'The Idea of Doing Nothing: An Interview with Tobias Bernstrup' - Page 107 - Francis Hunger Chapter 9: 'The Isometric Museum: The SimGallery Online Project. An Interview with Curators Katherine Isbister and Rainey Straus' - Page 116 - Jane Pinckard Chapter 10: 'The Evolution of a GBA Artist' - Page 127 - Paul Catanese Chapter 11: 'From Fictional Videogame Stills to Time Travelling with Rosalind Brodsky 1991-2005' - Page 130 - Suzanne Treister Chapter 12: 'Virtual Retrofit (or What Makes Computer Gaming so Damn Racy?)' - Page 144 - M. A. Greenstein Chapter 13: 'Perspective Engines: An Interview with JODI' - Page 152 - Francis Hunger Chapter 14: 'Independent Game Development: Two Views from Australia' - Page 160 - Melanie Swalwell Chapter 15: 'Medieval Unreality: Initiating an Artistic Discourse on Albania's Blood Feud by Editing a First-Person Shooter Game' - Page 181 - Nina Czegledy and Maia Engeli Part Three: Games and Other Art Forms, Chapter 16: 'Should Videogames be Viewed as Art?' - Brett Martin Chapter 17: 'Some Notes on Aesthetics in Japanese Videogames' - Page 211 - William Huber Chapter 18: 'The Computer as a Dollhouse (excerpts)' - Page 219 - Tobey Crockett Chapter 19: 'Networking Power: Videogame Structure from Concept Art' - Page 226 - Laurie Taylor Chapter 20: 'Fan-Art as a Function of Agency in Oddworld Fan-Culture' - Page 238 - Gareth Schott and Andrew Burn Chapter 21:' Will Computer Games Ever be a Legitimate Art Form?' - Page 255 - Ernest W. Adams

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