An exciting announcement: We have been working with Metafact to offer our first “CiteThis” integration on their answers. It looks like this:

What is Metafact?
Metafact is a fact-checking platform. You ask a question, they get independent experts in that field to answer it. They currently have hundreds of questions and thousands of expert answers.
A “meta-fact” is a statistical statement about the real world supported by many different pieces of evidence, from many independent sources.
It comes from the word ‘meta-analysis’ in science; a technique to aggregate multiple similar experiments to better determine the collective evidence.
Metafact is a platform to expand this concept further by instead allowing citizens to ask questions that effect their own lives and for scientific experts to share their answers and knowledge collectively, allowing the established consensus to be published openly and freely for all to learn from.

Metafact have just launched their Kickstarter campaign to take their amazing platform to the next level. You can support them here.