Citationsy has partnered with Proofread Twice™ to offer Citationsy users fast and efficient proofreading services. Proofread Twice offers innovative, industry-leading features our competitors do not have, so we can set you up for long-term success.

Proofread Twice is an award-winning academic support business driven by their mission. Without touching your content, they edit and proofread your paper in a multi-round process to make it look and sound great. You can even watch edits being made in real time, live chat with the proofreader, or purchase Edit Explanations: customized information to help you become a better writer. They do all this in under 72 hours. On short notice, they can turn a paper around in 24 hours. Their proofreaders, hired through a competitive screening process and rigorously trained, have all scored 100% on a challenging grammar exam.

Proofread Twice has built academic integrity into their business model, and operates using unique measures to ensure university honor code compliance. You would risk violating university honor codes with any other company on the market, but not with Proofread Twice. The entire editing process, from start to finish, is designed to help you make long-term improvements in your writing.

“We are really proud to add another sought-after feature to Citationsy by offering our users access to a pre-vetted, reliable proofreading service. David is a great editor and his US-based team of students is top-notch. Proofread Twice is the most innovative and most ethical high-quality proofreading service on the market.”
— Cenk Özbakır, Founder, Citationsy