Citationsy is a CTFM Alternative

CiteThisForMe Alternative Citationsy

Sick of CiteThisForMe? Do you no longer want to stare at ads,
and have your reference manager be on a countdown?
The time has come to ditch Cite This For Me and Chegg.

What is an alternative to CiteThisForMe?

Citationsy is a reference generator for APA, MLA, DIN, Harvard, Chicago, and 9 000+ other citation styles. that is not only blazingly fast, but incredibly accurate. We use the same industry-standard referencing styles as Zotero and Mendeley.

Citationsy is online referencing for people who value simplicity, privacy, and speed.
Citationsy is 100% ad-free and we do not collect personal data.

With the Citationsy iPhone and Android app you can scan the barcodes on books to instantly generate perfect citations.

Built-in to Citationsy is a research tool called Citationsy Archives, that you can use to download scientific papers and research articles from journals.

With Citationsy there is nothing to upgrade, patch, or install: All your references live in the cloud and are backed up so you never lose them.

Citationsy also has browser extension for Chrome and Firefox (as well as a bookmarklet for Safari) that enables you to cite websites in as little as two clicks.

Citationsy supports exporting your references to Word, BibTeX, CSL, and many other formats. You can also print your bibliography right from your Citationsy project.

Cite sources, websites, books, scientific papers, journal articles, podcasts, online videos, and anything else you need with Citationsy.

Citationsy is the only reference manager that supports shared projects. This way if you are working on a project with multiple people, you can all work on the bibliography together.

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