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As an Educator, why should I consider using Citationsy with my students?

Digital literacy is more important than ever in the world of information we live in. Our mission at Citationsy is to make perfect references possible for all students and to help them become more productive at every stage of their academic work – from research to bibliography generation.

Why Citationsy?

  • Students can create their citations and bibliographies on any device and platform (i.e. on their phones via our Android and iOS apps). We also keep their data private and never spam them with ads.
  • Educators can get automatic reports on how and what sources students are using. We also create reports that you can then deliver to the school board to show the relevance of the librarian’s work over time.
  • If you’d like to talk to our team and find out more about Citationsy, send an email to jgross@citationsy.com

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