Institutional Access and Volume Licensing

Institutional Access and Volume Licensing

Do you want to provide access to Citationsy to a large group of students, pupils or researchers?
Citationsy’s Institutional Access programme not only comes with a heavily discounted price but also includes additional benefits useful to administrators and staff.

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Institutional Access Benefits

Concierge Service Don’t worry about accounts, passwords, or anything like that: Simply provide a list of users you need created and we will take care of it.

Simple Payments Do you want to pay by cheque? Credit card? Paypal? All at once? In installments? Extremely specific invoice requirements? No problem!

Co-Branding We can put your institutions colour, logo, or other branding elements onto your students Citationsy accounts so they feel right at home

Custom Features Do you need to cite a specific type of media? Should your students only be able to export in your school’s style? Anything is possible!

Top Notch Support Instutional Access gets you top notch email and phone support. We will walk you through any questions you may have and can prepare a manual for your students.

Long Term Partner This is not some fly-by-night startup that will shutter it’s doors when investors pull out: Citationsy is here to stay.

How many people do you need licenses for?
People × $ 5
$ 500
Price for 100 people
$ 500 / year