How to cite a Podcast in GLIA

Use this template to cite a Podcast in the GLIA citation style.

We also have guide for books, journal articles, papers, websits, YouTube videos, songs, podcast episodes, URLs, and other types of media.

Citation Guide: Podcast in GLIA
Reference a Podcast in GLIA

How do you cite a Podcast in the GLIA referencing style?

Here’s an example Podcast citation in GLIA using placeholders.
Lastname F. 2000. Title. [Internet]. Available from:
So if we want to cite, for example, “This American Life” episode 640 we’d do so like this:

GLIA podcast citation:
This American Life. 2018. 640: Five Women. [Internet]. Available from:
Citing websites and links in GLIA is much easier with the Citationsy Chrome Extension And an in-text citation podcast reference in GLIA looks like this:
(This American Life, 2018)

Frequently Asked Questions — GLIA Podcast Referencing

How do I cite a Podcast in GLIA?

You can very easily reference a Podcast in the “GLIA” referencing style by using the guide above as your guideline.

Is there a way to automatically cite a Podcast?

Yes — Use a GLIA reference generator, like Citationsy for example.

How do you reference a Podcast in GLIA?

The GLIA reference for a Podcast is done by several different rules — please see the example on this page.

How do you in-text reference a Podcast in GLIA?

An in-text reference for a Podcast in GLIA is done like this:
(Lastname, 2000)
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