Citationsy is a RefMe Alternative

RefME Alternative Citationsy

RefMe is dead. But fear not! Although CiteThisForMe has acquired RefME,
you can still find other alternative reference managers.
One of these alternatives to RefMe is Citationsy.
Citationsy even has an iPhone app that you can scan the barcodes on books with to instantly generate perfect citations.
RefMe was a popular reference manager beloved by many.
It was discontinued in 2017 after being acquired.

Citationsy is free, so why not sign up and cite a couple websites or books?
It even inclues a research tool called Citationsy Archives, that you can use to download scientific papers and research articles from journals.

Are you looking for a free RefMe alternative that is not CiteThisForMe? You’ve found it! Citationsy is free and has zero ads.
Citationsy is online referencing for people who value simplicity, privacy, and speed.
We do not sell your data to anyone.
Citationsy supports over 8 500 referencing styles, built with the same underlying technology as Mendeley and Zotero referencing tools.

With Citationsy there is nothing to upgrade, patch, or install: All your references live in the cloud and are backed up so you never lose them.

Citationsy also has browser extension for Chrome and Firefox (as well as a bookmarklet for Safari) that enables you to cite websites in as little as two clicks.

What if referencing was easy?

Give it a try →