Yes, I’m going all in

Dear friends,
In the past I have sometimes mentioned my desire to quit my day job and work on Citationsy full time. Well, I’m fucking doing it. Not because it makes enough money for me to live off (it’s not even close yet) but because I’m scared of missing the jumping off point, of letting the moment at which I should’ve taken a risk pass.
I quit my day job a couple weeks ago and am giddy with excitement to go full time on Citationsy.
You probably won’t hear from me for a couple weeks while I get my stuff in order, but I had to tell you first and I hope we can see where this takes us together.

In other good news, we just hit 100.000 users!

Also: I *finally* released the Citationsy Chrome Extension a couple days ago. It puts a tiny button in your toolbar (it looks like this: *). Click it to cite the link you’re on right now. Check it out, and let me know if you have any problems.

All the best,

This is the year.