Referencing Guide

It’s a question I’ve seen pop up on the internet once in a while: How do you cite a Quora answer? 

You might think, hey, no big deal, it’s just a website, right? So you could cite the link like any other.
But I believe that to correctly cite a specific answer on Quora you need to actually cite that specific Quora answer.

How do you do that? Let’s go walk through an example together.

So let’s say you want to cite Michael Lopp’s answer to this question: What do good directors do that good managers don’t?
Under the profile photo of the person who wrote the answer you can click the grey date, which will take you to a special link with just that answer on it (in this case:

Copy that link, and paste it into Citationsy. The next step is super easy: Citationsy will automatically fill out all the fields correctly, fetch the date the answer was written and who wrote it and so on, and enter the correct title (in this case: Michael Lopp’s Answer to “What do good directors do that good managers don’t?”).

All you have to do is click Continue and the Quora answer will be added to your bibliography with the correct link, author, title, and publisher.