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There are well over forty different referencing software companies available online. By searching on google for “referencing software” or “citation software” you will find a mix of ads, comparison lists, and companies who either: offer a great product, are very good at SEO (and therefore rank high on the results page), or both. If you want a good comparison list, this is a great place to start:

Although it might be pretty straightforward, i.e. try a few options and then settle for one, it’s increasingly confusing how each one offers somewhat different features with even more confusing pricing models. Some seem to be free, some offer free trial periods, some offer freemium options, some charge upfront, and others you don’t really know.

All this happens mainly because of competition in what is a rather large market. There are 200 million higher education students all over the world (UN 2020). This is without including all the individuals outside of academia who also need to reference, such as lawyers, doctors, authors, freelancers, and business consultants. All these companies (including ours – Citationsy) have either one of two aims: user growth or revenue growth.

In this environment, each company is continuously testing different strategies to be able to either grow their user base or increase their revenue while also trying to keep ahead of competitors (some try more than others). Nonetheless, in the end, we are all trying to tackle the one problem: automating the process of referencing, citation editing, and formatting, so that people like yourself don’t have to worry about it.

With that in mind, clarity and functionality are two factors that we can help with when deciding what product to use. These are the tools we recommend:

MyBiB – Free to use and loved by students. Straightforward user interface and no sign-up required.

Zotero – Free to use and loved by PhDs & researchers. Onboarding required and learning curve involved before being able to take full advantage.

Citationsy – 3-day free trial and loved by both academia and industry. Simple, private, and intuitive. We always strive for being the most accurate and secure (we don’t sell your data) reference manager.

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Referencing for people who value simplicity, privacy, and speed.