Hacking Education

1. Get around paywalls

If you’re like me you probably read a lot of articles online, and as more and more news websites are adding paywalls this can get quite annoying. I pay for The New Yorker, for example, but linking my paper subscription to my online account never really seemed to stick, and I’m sick of having to log in if I use a different browser or computer.
This handy Chrome Extension gets rid of a bunch of different paywalls, letting you read the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times and Bloomberg without annoyance. It’s not available on the Google Chrome Extensions Store, so you’ll have to install it manually (instructions are in the link). Totally worth it, though.
Download here

2. Block Ads: uBlock Origin

This is the best ad blocker I’ve found. I know the ethics of ad-blocking can be questioned, but I simply don’t want to be annoyed while browsing the internet. Is that too much to ask?
Download here

3. Full Page Screen Capture

Hiding under this generic name is the absolute best screen capture extension for Chrome I’ve ever seen, and I’ve tried almost all of them. It does exactly what it says, without trying to sell you anything or annoy you. It adds a little button to your menu bar, click it to take a screenshot of the entire page. Useful for printing a website or sending an article to someone.
Download here

4. Sci-Hub Links

This one’s probably the furthest along on the moral grayscale, what it does is turn any DOI link on the internet into a link to the paper on Sci-Hub, letting you download the paper for free.
Download here