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50.000+ Happy Users
Your website rocks. I think you have saved me like a million hours of crying over my first Grad School paper.”
Daniela Drandic, Student
The University of Dundee
I’m really enjoying your app, it’s really useful, currently using it as my bibliography for my dissertation!”
Harry Powell, Student
University of Hull
Thank you so much for creating this website.
EasyBib became slowly so unbearable with ads, and then when it became acquired by the evil Chegg
I lost hope and thought I'd have to cite things manually.
As a student who just wants to get assignments done quickly and easily, you've helped me and everyone else.
I can’t thank you enough for not only making an easy alternative to RefME that I used to treasure as a student who needs to write frequently, but also making it free, you’re truly a saint. Keep doing what you’re doing.”
Eric Tober
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for the great job you did with this website.
I found it very easy to use and very much useful for my job.”
Dr Qushmua Alzahrani BSc(Hons) MSc PhD, Assistant Professor in Applied Health and Therapeutics
Taif University, Saudi Arabia
I honestly can’t even express how happy I was to come across Citationsy!
I’m Gillian, an MA International Relations student at the University of Kent.
Whilst I was doing my undergrad in Politics I was using Refme.
I believe it was bought out by CiteThisForMe and things just took a horrible turn. I’m sure you’ve come across it yourself so I won’t need to explain why it’s so bad 😂
But back to your platform, I love it!
So clean, simple and straightforward and even the fact that I can drop you a quick message is so lovely - not an experience you get everyday.”
Gilllian Stringer
University of Kent
Thanks for this wonderful initiative.
It quite reduces stress and time wastage.”
Iyabo Adeyemi, Student
Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research
I wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your company and enjoy it a lot.
You guys do an awesome job […] You’re doing great work, it’s appreciated in our house, and I wanted to say thanks.”
Danie Schnitzius
Congratulations on the platform! I found it excellent! It will solve several difficulties in the process of managing my academic references. The design and the usability are also great, simple and smart.”
Bruno Costa Teixeira
I am a medical professional (cardiologist). I find that Citationsy is excellent! A very useful tool!”
Georgios Chatziathanasiou, MD PhD
Ioannina University Cardiology Clinic
When I found Citationsy, it was out of desperation.
EasyBib had done something to their site that made it difficult to access with my screen reader.
(I'm totally blind.) And I was just finished writing a paper, and I needed to create a references page right the heck now. Well, I panicked.
All the bibliography creation services out there seemed to have been bought out by the same company, and they were all alike.
Well, what was I going to do? I had a paper due by midnight and I had to have a list of references.
It was through persistence and google that I finally located this tool, and it works very well with screen reading technology. Thanks for creating something that doesn’t suck, that blind college students can actually use!
Krista Pennell
Southern New Hampshire University, USA

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