Who’s the mysterious figure behind Citationsy?

Hello! 🙋🏻‍♂️ My name is Cenk*

* It’s pronounced “Jenk” [ˈdʒeɲc]

I founded Citationsy in 2017 after the reference manager I was using at the time, RefMe, was shut down.

One thing I really enjoyed at university, believe me, or not, was writing essays. I used an online citation generator called RefMe to help me with this — I never really learned to manually do my references.
One day, long after I had finished university and moved to Stockholm to work at a startup, I got an email from RefMe informing me that they were being shut down and replaced by CiteThisForMe.

It was immediately obvious that the reason people loved RefMe — a clean interface, speed, no ads, simplicity of use — did not apply to CiteThisForMe. My girlfriend at the time kept telling me I should build an online reference generator to replace RefMe, and eventually, I did!
It turned out to be easier than I thought to get a rough prototype up.
After the blog post I wrote about the process got mildly popular, people started signing up and sending me feedback.

For the last few years I’ve been travelling around the world and working on Citationsy. You can read more about the day-to-day happening in the newsletter or Blog.
You can also follow the @Citationsy account on Twitter.

What is Citationsy?
Citationsy is a no-nonsense reference collection and bibliography creation tool for people who value simplicity, privacy, and speed.
There’s no tracking, and we don’t sell or give your data to anyone.

With Citationsy you can organize your citations into different projects and export them in over 8,500 different styles
(APA, Harvard, Chicago, MLA, DIN, and everything else). It includes search engines for books, music, podcast, and scientific papers to make finding the sources you want to cite even easier.

Export your bibliography as as Word document or just copy-and-paste it into your essay.

Create citations from your book by just scanning their barcode with our iPhone app. It’s never been easier to reference a book! Just open the app, choose the project you’d like to add the book to, and scan away!

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