Citationsy Features

Cite Websites

Citing a link or website with Citationsy is ridiculously easy. Just paste the link, and Citationsy will fetch all the information needed to reference the website.

Cite Books

Citationsy includes a database of almost all published books, so all you have to do is type the book’s title or author’s name and it will show you the results. Click a book to fetch the information needed for the reference (title, authors, editors, publisher, place of publication, year, edition, translator, etc.)

Cite Papers and journal articles

You can either search for a paper by title or author, or you can paste the DOI of a specific paper. Citationsy will then fetch all the information straight from the publishers database for you.

Archive Links You Have Cited

When referencing a link, you can activate an option that will archive a frozen-in-time copy of your link to, and reference the archived link instead of the original one. This way you can ensure that if the link changes later, or even goes offline, your reference will keep working correctly forever.

Cite Any Website With a Single Click

Found an interesting article or piece of information you want to reference on the internet? If you have installed our Chrome Extension it’s as easy as clicking the * icon in your toolbar.

Export to Microsoft Word

Download your bibliography as a Microsoft Word Document. After opening the project you’d like to export to Word hit the “Export” option in the right sidebar and select Microsoft Word.

PDF Export

Need a PDF of your bibliography, ready to print? After opening the project you’d like to save as a PDF and hit the “Export” option in the right sidebar and select PDF. You can then set the headline, font size, and typeface for your PDF.

BibTeX Export, RefWorks Export, EndNote Export, CSL Export

Yep, you can export your project in all of these formats.

Multiple Projects

You can easily organize your references into multiple projects (think of them as folders) and even set different colours and referencing styles for each project. This will help you keep things organized.

Cite Books on the go With Our iPhone App

Yes, it’s true: With our iPhone app you can scan the barode on the back of a book to automagically cite it.

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