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Do you need more features than Citationsy can offer? Would you like a tool that has all sorts of plugins and can do crazy stuff with local files and PDFs? Maybe Zotero is the right choice for you. Plus they’re open source!
Scholarcy reads and summarises research papers for you, giving you key facts, figures and references instantly.
It has an integration with Citationsy Archives and a Chrome extension.
Polar is a document manager for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Manage PDFs, web content, books, and notes with tagging, annotation and highlighting.
Chrome extension to access millions of research papers in one click. Don’t worry about paywalls, logins, and redirects. An open database millions of free scholarly articles from over 70,000 repositories and publishers.
Platform for brands and TikTok creators. Stop reaching out to creators – let them come to you. Companies that place an ad on Tiny Island on average receive 120 applications from TikTok influencers.

For creators, browse hundreds of ads from companies around the world and apply only to the ones that are a good fit for your audience and budget.
“Spotify for textbooks”. Perlego offers unlimited textbooks and non-fiction reads for a low monthly price.
Chrome extension that searches for the paper you want in open access repositories, and if it can’t find it you can email the author automatically asking for a PDF.
Notetaking reinvented — No more bloated files for taking notes. Create simple yet powerful digital notecards with rich and varied content, like math equations, tables, images, checklists, and emojis.
Clean, distraction-free plain text writing app with amazing attention to detail. Available for Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone, and iPad.
The Guardian University League Tables help you choose a UK university by course, ranking, staff to student ratio, and many other factors.
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