How much does Citationsy cost?

Just imagine how many hours of writing up references you could save.
If anything, Citationsy is too cheap.

Just USD 1 / month for everyone
No auto-renewal — you only pay when you use it. Like a pre-paid SIM card.
You can pay à-la-carte. This means you can use it in months you need it and then stop using it when you don’t. Nothing ever automatically renews. Your references are kept safe in the meantime.

So, when you sign up you pay USD 1, and this gives you 30 days of using Citationsy.
After the 30 days are up you can either pay another USD 1 to keep using, or take a break and continue the service at another time.

If you write 4 papers a year, and they take you a month each to write, you can just pay for those four months.

After your trial has ended, you will be prompted to make a payment the next time you log in. You can choose between paying for one month, six months, or an entire year in advance.