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Handbook Of Personality And Self-regulation

Rick H. Hoyle
Published 2010 · History
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About the Editor viii List of Contributors ix Preface xii 1 Personality and Self-Regulation 1 Rick H. Hoyle Part I Temperament and Early Personality 19 2 Relations of Self-Regulatory/Control Capacities to Maladjustment, Social Competence, and Emotionality 21 Nancy Eisenberg, Natalie D. Eggum, Julie Sallquist, and Alison Edwards 3 Delay of Gratification: A Review of Fifty Years of Regulation Research 47 Renee M. Tobin and William G. Graziano 4 Self-Regulation as the Interface of Emotional and Cognitive Development: Implications for Education and Academic Achievement 64 Clancy Blair, Susan Calkins, and Lisa Kopp 5 Exploring Response Monitoring: Developmental Differences and Contributions to Self-Regulation 91 Jennifer M. McDermott and Nathan A. Fox Part II Personality Processes 115 6 Self-Regulation Processes and Their Signatures: Dynamics of the Self-System 117 Carolyn C. Morf and Stephan Horvath 7 Self-Regulation and the Five-Factor Model of Personality Traits 145 Robert R. McCrae and Corinna E. Lockenhoff 8 Self-Determination Theory and the Relation of Autonomy to Self-Regulatory Processes and Personality Development 169 Christopher P. Niemiec, Richard M. Ryan, and Edward L. Deci 9 Interest and Self-Regulation: Understanding Individual Variability in Choices, Efforts, and Persistence Over Time 192 Carol Sansone, Dustin B. Thoman, and Jessi L. Smith 10 Goal Systems and Self-Regulation: An Individual Differences Perspective 218 Paul Karoly 11 Acting on Limited Resources: The Interactive Effects of Self-Regulatory Depletion and Individual Differences 243 C. Nathan DeWall, Roy F. Baumeister, David R. Schurtz, and Matthew T. Gailliot Part III Individual Differences 263 12 Working Memory Capacity and Self-Regulation 265 Malgorzata Ilkowska and Randall W. Engle 13 Regulatory Focus in a Demanding World 291 Abigail A. Scholer and E. Tory Higgins 14 Self-Efficacy 315 James E. Maddux and Jeffrey Volkmann 15 Dealing with High Demands: The Role of Action Versus State Orientation 332 Nils B. Jostmann and Sander L. Koole 16 The Cybernetic Process Model of Self-Control: Situation- and Person-Specific Considerations 353 Eran Magen and James J. Gross 17 Modes of Self-Regulation: Assessment and Locomotion as Independent Determinants in Goal Pursuit 375 Arie W. Kruglanski, Edward Orehek, E. Tory Higgins, Antonio Pierro, and Idit Shalev 18 The Costly Pursuit of Self-Esteem: Implications for Self-Regulation 403 Jennifer Crocker, Scott Moeller, and Aleah Burson 19 Self-Regulation of State Self-Esteem Following Threat: Moderation by Trait Self-Esteem 430 Michelle R. vanDellen, Erin K. Bradfield, and Rick H. Hoyle 20 Individual Differences in Approach and Avoidance: Behavioral Activation /Inhibition and Regulatory Focus as Distinct Levels of Analysis 447 Timothy J. Strauman and Wilkie A. Wilson 21 Hypo-egoic Self-Regulation 474 Mark R. Leary, Claire E. Adams, and Eleanor B. Tate Author Index 498 Subject Index 524

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