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In Situ Synthesis Of Polymer Embedded Silver Nanoparticles Via Photopolymerization

Rabia Nazar, S. Ronchetti, I. Roppolo, M. Sangermano, R. Bongiovanni
Published 2015 · Materials Science

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Photocured polymeric films are a promising candidate for the realization of flexible electronics, due to their easy processability, low cost, and availability. In this work, electrically conductive UV-cured films have been prepared by irradiating an acrylic difunctional monomer in the presence of silver nitrate, pyrrole, and a photoinitiator. Homogeneously dispersed silver nanoparticles (size range 50–80 nm) embedded by polypyrrole formed throughout the acrylic matrix. Interestingly, the electrical conductivity of the acrylic films increased a hundred times after the formation of the Ag-polypyrrole nanoparticles.Evaluation of the irradiation process was conducted by UV–Vis spectroscopy using model systems where the acrylic monomer was substituted by a solvent. It has been shown that as a function of composition and irradiation time there is a simultaneous reduction of silver nitrate and pyrrole polymerization forming silver nanoparticles covered by the conductive polymer.

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