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Infliximab For The Treatment Of Neuro-Behçet's Disease: A Case Series And Review Of The Literature.

N Pipitone, Ignazio Olivieri, Angela Anna Padula, Salvatore D'Angelo, Angelo Lo Nigro, Giulio Zuccoli, Luigi Boiardi, Carlo Salvarani
Published 2008 · Medicine
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Introduction Behçet’s disease (BD) is a vasculitis in which the hallmark lesions are oral and often genital ulcers. Involvement of parenchymal central nervous system (neuro-Behçet’s) is a serious complication commonly characterized by brainstem and/or basal ganglia lesions. To date, treatment of neuro-Behçet’s remains largely empirical, and may not adequately control the disease (1). Serum tumor necrosis factor (TNF ) levels are increased in active BD (2), suggesting a role for TNF in disease pathogenesis. Clinically, significant improvement of various BD manifestations has been reported with TNF blockade (3). However, evidence for the efficacy of TNF blockers in the treatment of neuro-Behçet’s is scant. We present 8 patients with neuro-Behçet’s who responded favorably to infliximab therapy and review the relevant literature.
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