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Synthesis, Crystal Structure And DNA Cleavage Activity Of A Ternary Copper(II) Complex Of Dipyrido[3,2‐d:2′,3′‐f]‐quinoxaline And Glycine

Shouchun Zhang, Xiao-Gai Chun, Yun Chung Chen, Jianliang Zhou
Published 2011 · Chemistry
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A ternary copper(II) complex, [Cu(Dpq)(Gly)(H2O)]·NO3·1.5H2O (Dpq=dipyrido[3,2-d:2′,3′-f]quinoxaline, Gly=glycine), has been synthesized and structurally characterized. The complex crystallized in a triclinic system with space group P-1, a=6.6979(9) A, b=7.6351(10) A, c=18.980(2) A, α=85.815(2) °, β=88.182(2) °, γ=71.203(2) °. The five-coordinate copper(II) center is a distorted square pyramid. Absorption spectra, fluorescence spectra and CD spectra showed that there were interactions between the copper complex and DNA through a groove binding mode. The complex exhibited efficient DNA cleavage activity at micromolar concentration in the presence of ascorbate with hydroxyl radicals as the active species.

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