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Comparison Of The Physico-chemical Characteristics Of A New Triploid Banana Hybrid, FLHORBAN 920, And The Cavendish Variety

Christophe Bugaud, Pascaline Alter, Marie Odette Daribo, Jean-Marc Brillouet
Published 2009 · Chemistry
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BACKGROUND: The physico-chemical characteristics of a new banana triploid hybrid (FLHORBAN 920 cultivar, AAA group), partially resistant to Yellow Sigatoka and Black Leaf Streak diseases, were measured throughout ripening and compared with those of the Cavendish banana. RESULTS: The greatest differences between FLHORBAN 920 (F920) and the Cavendish variety were observed at intermediate maturity, when bananas were yellow with green tips or yellow. The F920 bananas have more dry matter and starch than those of Cavendish. The total polyphenol contents of F920 bananas were three-fold higher than Cavendish. The sucrose contents were 1.5-fold higher in F920 fruits, whereas glucose and fructose contents were two-fold higher in Cavendish fruits. The F920 fruits had fewer esters, carbonyls and phenolic ethers than Cavendish. The two varieties differed in the composition in methyl-branched (alcohols and esters) and phenolic ether volatile compounds. CONCLUSION: These characteristics, coupled with resistance to the principal banana diseases, suggest that the F920 variety should be developed further. c � 2008 Society of Chemical Industry

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