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Effect Of Elevated [CO2 ] On Yield, Intra-plant Nutrient Dynamics, And Grain Quality Of Rice Cultivars In Eastern India.

U. R. Jena, D. K. Swain, K. K. Hazra, M. K. Maiti
Published 2018 · Chemistry, Medicine

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BACKGROUND Climate models predict an increase in global temperature in response to a doubling of atmospheric [CO2 ]. This may affect future rice production and quality. In this study, the effect of elevated [CO2 ] on yield, nutrient acquisition and utilization, and grain quality of rice genotypes was investigated in the subtropical climate of eastern India (Kharagpur). Three environments (open field, ambient, and elevated [CO2 ]) were tested using four rice cultivars of eastern India. RESULTS Under elevated [CO2 ] (25% higher), the yield of high-yielding cultivars (HYCs) viz IR 36, Swarna, and Swarna sub1 was significantly reduced (by 11-13%), whereas the yield increased (by 6-9%) for Badshabhog, a low-yielding aromatic cultivar. Elevated [CO2 ] significantly enhanced K uptake (by 14-21%), but did not influence the uptake of total N and P. The nutrient harvest index and use efficiency values in HYCs were reduced under elevated [CO2 ] indicating that nutrient translocation from source to sink (grain) was significantly reduced. An increase in alkali spreading value (10%) and reduction in grain protein (2-3%) and iron (5-6%) was also observed upon [CO2 ] elevation. CONCLUSION The study highlights the importance of nutrient management (increasing N rate for HYCs) and selective breeding of tolerant cultivars in minimizing the adverse effects of elevated [CO2 ] on rice yield and quality. © 2018 Society of Chemical Industry.
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