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CuIn1−xGaxSe2-based Thin-film Solar Cells By The Selenization Of Sequentially Evaporated Metallic Layers

R. Caballero, C. Guillén, M. T. Gutiérrez, C. Kaufmann
Published 2006 · Chemistry

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Polycrystalline CuIn1−xGaxSe2 (CIGS) thin films were deposited by the non-vacuum, near-atmospheric-pressure selenization of stacked metallic precursor layers. A study was carried out to investigate the influence of significant factors of the absorber on the solar cells performance. An efficiency enhancement was obtained for Cu/(In+Ga) atomic ratios between 0·93 and 0·95. The slope of the observed energy bandgap grading showed a strong influence on the VOC and the short circuit current density JSC. An increase of the Ga content in the active region of the absorber was achieved by the introduction of a thin Ga layer on the Mo back contact. This led to an improvement of efficiency and VOC. Furthermore, an enhanced carrier collection was detected by quantum efficiency measurements when the absorber layer thickness was slightly decreased. Conversion efficiencies close to 10% have been obtained for these devices. Copyright © 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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