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Protein Microarrays: Promising Tools For Proteomic Research

M. Templin, D. Stoll, J. Schwenk, O. Poetz, S. Kramer, T. Joos
Published 2003 · Biology, Medicine

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Miniaturized and parallelized ligand binding assays are of great interest in postgenomic research because microarray technology allows the simultaneous determination of a large number of parameters from a minute amount of sample within a single experiment. Assay systems based on this technology are used for the identification and quantification of proteins as well as for the study of protein interactions. Protein affinity assays have been implemented that allow the analysis of interactions between proteins with other proteins, peptides, low molecular weight compounds, oligosaccharides or DNA. Microarray technology is an emerging technology used in global analytical approaches and has a considerable impact on proteomic research.

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