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Production Of Trehalose From Starch By Maltose Phosphorylase And Trehalose Phosphorylase From A Strain Of Plesiomonas

M. Yoshida, N. Nakamura, K. Horikoshi
Published 1997 · Chemistry

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The cooperative concomitant action of maltose phosphorylase (MP), trehalose phosphorylase (TP), β-amylase and a starch debranching enzyme (pullulanase, isoamylase) was investigated to develop a more efficient method for preparing trehalose from starch. About 40 and 51—56% as solid basis of 25% (w/v) liquefied potato starch were converted to trehalose by the combination of soybean β-amylase and the crude enzyme preparation (MTA) containing MP, TP and a saccharogenic amylase from a strain (SH-35) of Plesiomonas in the absence and presence of a starch debranching enzyme, respectively. A stable maltose syrup (70%, w/w) containing about 30% trehalose in the dry solid was prepared from starch directly, and about 36% as dry basis of the mother liquor (70%, w/w) containing about 56% trehalose was obtained as crystals of this non-reducing disaccharide by conventional crystallization. Trehalose in the by-product obtained after removing crystals increased up to almost that of the mother liquor by reacting with MTA again. By the method reported here, trehalose was produced from starch on an industrial scale without any remaining by-products.

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