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Studies Of Decomposition Of H2O2over Manganese Oxide Octahedral Molecular Sieve Materials

Hua Zhou, Yan-Fei Shen, J. Wang, X. Chen, C. O'young, S. Suib
Published 1998 · Chemistry

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Abstract A series of manganese oxide molecular sieve (OMS) materials has been successfully synthesized. Doping some divalent cations and first row transition metal ions such as Mg 2+ , Ni 2+ , Cu 2+ , Co 2+ , and Fe 3+ into the framework of OMS materials to form [M]-OMS materials was also done. The catalytic activities of [M]-OMS materials and commercial MnO 2 for H 2 O 2 decomposition were studied. The experimental results show an activity order sequence as follows: most of [M]-OMS materials > commercial MnO 2 ; [M]-OMS-2 > [M]-OMS-1; and among [M]-OMS-2 samples, [Ni]-OMS-2 > [Cu]-OMS-2 > [Fe]-OMS-2 > [Co]-OMS-2 > [Mg]-OMS-2. The kinetics and a mechanism of H 2 O 2 catalytic decomposition over [M]-OMS materials were studied and proposed, as well.
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