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Precocious Puberty Therapeutic Management: GnRH Analogs Treatment

C. Bouvattier
Published 2016 · Medicine

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GnRH analog therapy is an effective treatment for central precocious puberty. The therapeutic management of central precocious puberty should be discussed on clinical criteria (rapidly progressive puberty, advance bone age), biological criteria (LH, inhibin B, estradiol), and ultrasound criteria (uterine length, ovarian volume). The optimal timing of treatment discontinuation has not been clearly evaluated. The average age of discontinuation is around 11 years, the physiological age of puberty in girls. Menarche occurs 12–18 months after the end of treatment. Clinical pubertal signs reappear a few months after the end of the treatment. Compromise of adult height, early menarche, and social and behavioral implications is often a concern for these patients.
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