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Using Blockchain For IOT Access Control And Authentication Management

Abdallah Zoubir Ourad, Boutheyna Belgacem, Khaled Salah
Published 2018 · Computer Science
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Securing Access to IOT devices is a challenging task as IoT devices are resource-constrained devices in terms of processing, storage, and networking capacity. Because of their fast spreading and deployment, significant disadvantages are seen in today’s authentication and access control schemes. This paper proposes a blockchain-based solution which allows for authentication and secure communication to IOT devices. Our solution benefits greatly from the intrinsic features of blockchain and also builds on existing authentication schemes. Specifically, our proposed blockchain-based solution, architecture, and design allow for accountability, integrity, and traceability with tamper-proof logs. The paper provides overall system design and architecture, and details on testing and implementation of a realistic scenario as a proof of concept.
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